Vulnerability Management Services

From assessing your current-state to ongoing management 

Vulnerability management is vital to your overall cybersecurity and includes multiple areas of focus across your team. It’s important that you create a recurring practice of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities. Companies start with assessments and then move to an ongoing management program, including end-user behavior analytics.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability Management

Employee Awareness, Analytics & Coaching




Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and rectify your vulnerabilities in real-time

A Vulnerability Assessment solution will help you wrap your arms around your assets, ensuring that you know where your ‘crown jewels’ are, so you can prioritize remediation efforts to reduce the risk of loss. You’ll also get the help you’ve been looking for with your digital footprint by understanding what Internet-exposed assets you may not be aware of. If your ‘crown jewels’ are sitting on the same network segment as your end-users, an attacker is only one phishing email and one hop away from a debilitating breach.

The Integrated Cyber solution will provide visibility into the vulnerabilities in your IT environment—including local, remote, cloud, containerized, and virtual infrastructures. You’ll also get clarity into how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk and which are most likely to be targeted by attackers.

The approach is a risk-based vulnerability management process where both traditional vulnerability assessment and newer threat and vulnerability management capabilities are unified in a single platform. AI is used to continuously discover and update the enterprise inventory and to provide predictive risk analytics across hundreds of attack vectors, threats, business impact, and compensating controls. This approach is optimal for your security team because it combines important functionality and creates efficiencies for your security analysts.

The solution integrates with your existing technology stack to provide a real-time cyber-risk assessment at a macro level across the organization. This can be broken down into micro-level scoring individually for each asset.


Cyber Vulnerability Management

Consolidate disparate data sets for a single view into your vulnerabilities​

The solution enables you to consolidate disparate data sets and relationships to support intelligent and automated risk mitigation. You'll leverage an integrated risk platform to predict your breach susceptibility, utilizing automatic discovery and inventorying of your asset ecosystem plus 24x7 monitoring and scanning of managed and unmanaged IT devices.

Process data seamlessly through risk-based workflows powered by TruOps Risk-based Vulnerability Management. Assign tasks, send notifications and create escalation levels at the appropriate intervals. Avoid costly breaches by monitoring all attack vectors in real-time—identify and rectify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Recognize your high risks and prioritize your action items

Create asset risk profiles and auto-initiate issues, tasks, and plans that are prioritized to address your organization’s highest vulnerabilities. In today’s cyber threat landscape, your transparent and nimble management risk is a key business imperative that can be achieved with Cyber Risk Management services. 


Employee Awareness, Analytics & Coaching

Creating a virtuous cycle focused on the humans in your organization

Your employees face a multitude of threats every day when they are using your infrastructure. While lots of companies only focus on what to do after you're 'hit' with an issue, we believe if you educate, monitor, and help your employees they will become a strong line of defense the next time you're attacked. 

Threats hitting your employees  


The Employee Awareness, Analytics & Coaching service, powered by SecurityAdvisor, will personalize and contextualize security awareness for every end-user in your company. The solution will watch user actions that result in most security incidents and provide preventative early warnings, contextual coaching, and compliance recommendations. 

We'll use an approach focused on your people's behavior

User Behavior Insights

Ingest data from existing security investments and identify “teachable moments” using our learning & analytics platform. 


Create list of risky users and why they are risky


Generate customized context-based messaging to users

Employee Coaching

Run phishing simulation across email, cloud apps, and other applications to measure, teach, reinforce, or  change behavior. 



Receive tracking of security outcomes, like number of users receiving spam, malware, etc. Reporting tracks your improved security
posture, compliance adhearance, and reduced security incidents.