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Managed Detection & Response - MDR

Detect, Analyze, Respond, and Remediate


Managed Detection & Response is often considered the core capability in an organization’s cyber defense spanning the critical lifecycle of detecting, analyzing, responding, and where possible remediating.  


While preventative capabilities such as network security or endpoint protection have become commonplace, strong Incident Management ensures that compromises that occur are immediately detected and either automatically resolved or sent quickly to the proper experts in the SOC for remediation.  


Because the needs of every company vary dramatically when it comes to Incident Management and Response, Integrated Cyber offers a choice in complexity and capability to better align our solution to the affordability or maturity level of our customers.

IC360 has integrated extremely powerful capabilities in this offering and augmented it with orchestrated cyber experts in our virtual Incident Response Team: a network of top cyber experts across the globe able to assist our customers when required.

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Collectors & Responders

Collectors. We support standard collectors that are agent-less and give the flexibility of delivering agent-based collectors if your organization requires them. 


Responders.  Our agent-less responders deliver advanced features that are typically only available on agents in complex distributed environments. 

Security, Incident, Event Management

A complete Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service.  

The IC360 Operating System integrates one of the most advanced, next-generation IEMs on the market, based on an Elastic Search Architecture on top of a highly scalable data lake platform.​

The IC360 Operating System threat detection will identify more than just traditional malware or signature-based threats, it will find the most advanced, difficult to detect, and evolving threats such as APTs, ransomware, zero-day, or carefully planned insider attacks, allowing SOC Agents to visually track the continuous alerts and active intrusions in real-time. 

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Security, Orchestration, Automation & Response

The SOAR is designed to help cybersecurity teams manage and respond to endless alarms at machine speeds. Integrated Cyber takes things a step further by combining comprehensive data gathering, case management, standardization, workflow, and analytics to provide organizations the ability to implement sophisticated defense-in-depth capabilities.