The Company

Integrated Cyber

As our name implies, we are passionate about integration.
Our vision is to simplify and humanize your cybersecurity journey.

Integrated Cyber, whether you call us an MSSP or ISSP, is led by a team of former Fortune-100 Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers. We've been in your shoes and faced the frustrations of fighting the 'bad guy' using multiple stand-alone applications. 

We focus on cybersecurity challenges and not on any single technology. We focus on keeping our customers safe and giving them the flexibility to 'plug in' new technology and quickly eliminate the solutions that don't work or are not worth the cost. 

The bottom line is that you can trust Integrated Cyber with your sensitive data, and you can trust that we are fully up-to-date with this fast-moving risky business. You and your company will benefit from the specialist skills of our business and technical experts.

Our Passion

With Customer-Focused Energy


We integrate the plethora of security applications so you can focus on running your business and we can be your best service provider.


Your job is not getting easier and the attacks are not stopping, no matter what size your company is. We are focused on making cyber security simple. 


We are vendor-neutral and remain focused on ensuring you have the best tools for the jobs you need done, without being locked-in to any single vendor. 

The Integrated Cyber Difference 



Products delivered are superior in the market because we integrate the best-in-class modules from third parties, while our architecture allows us to replace any module with new and better products –  thereby keeping you protected with leading-edge solutions. 



While focusing on process anomalies, which is much superior to other security providers, we react in real-time, which is vital for industrial control systems. Integrated Cyber owns the problem through resolution and remediation so that it cannot happen again.



You benefit from our technical innovation that results in low overhead costs which we pass along to our customers. The SaaS model makes it easy to deploy individual modules and grow over time, without a burdensome commitment, resulting in a market-leading pricing model. 



Our management team is trusted by clients due to our unique experience in the industry, including leading worldwide digital security operations for General Motors, BP, Merrill Lynch, Philip Morris, and Kraft Foods.



You get incredible value from the unique Integrated Cyber operating system that includes an integration layer and automation layer. The OS is so advanced, it would cost competitors many millions of dollars to replicate, which rules out the vast majority of MSSP in the market, who cannot afford such an investment.