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Endpoint Protection​

90% of cyber incidents start with your employees' laptops & personal computers 

Features Include

Endpoint Protection (EPP)

Stopping a wide range of malware, Trojans, hacking tools, and ransomware before they start. 

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

EDR detects highly  sophisticated malware, memory exploits, script misuse and other fileless attacks as they attempt to do damage. 


We get users up and running in minutes and include remediation as well as rollbacks for Microsoft Windows

In the past two decades of tech booms, busts, and bubbles, two things have not changed – hackers are still finding ways to breach security measures in place, and the endpoint remains the primary target. And now, with cloud and mobile computing, endpoint devices have become the new enterprise security perimeter, so there is even more pressure to lock them down.

Take advantage of the right EPP solution for your business. 

Start with 25

World-class endpoint protection will be deployed on your most sensitive or important endpoints / desktops / laptops. Of course, you are not limited to 25 endpoints. With workers accessing your network from home on consumer-grade routers, it's vital you manage the risk, before something happens. 

24x7 support

Your most critical endpoints will be monitored from our Security Operations Center (SOC), notifying you immediately of any threat requiring human attention.  The dark web will also be monitored for any signs that your employees have been compromised.

Cyber expertise

Every two weeks, you will receive a summary of your risks and the observations we have seen, offering recommendations where relevant to reduce your risk or eliminate identified vulnerabilities. 

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