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Vision and application

The IC360 OS is the Integration Layer AND the Automation Layer which is unique in today's segmented cyber security world and would cost competitors millions of dollars to replicate (which rules out the vast majority of MSSP in the market, who cannot afford such an investment). You can reap tremendous benefits from the power of IC360 across your entire cyber technology stack. 


IC360 Operating System

Orchestrated and automated by the patent-pending advanced Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) software. 


Customer Portal

A client-resident, and multi-platform (Windows and MAC OS), to ensure it is completely secure and managed within your unique environment.

Our Technology Northstar

Solutions focused on the user, not the technology

All activities are integrated into one common portal

Services are future-proof via patent-pending OC gives you the ability to easily adopt emerging tech

Everything is built around IC360, the Integration Platform OS, and not a specific technology