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Stay ahead of cyber threats with IC360

IC360's unique Integration and Automation layers provide unmatched protection against cyber attacks. With IC360, you can secure your entire technology stack without breaking the bank.

Revolutionize Your Cybersecurity with IC360

Say goodbye to segmented cybersecurity and hello to a comprehensive solution with IC360, a platform that helps you secure your cyber technology stack by cross-correlating information across multiple siloed software and hardware solutions. This allows you to see the big picture and identify potential threats your team may not see by only looking at one application.


Secure your entire cyber technology stack with ease.

Managing 'horizontally' across a complex cyber technology stack can be overwhelming. But with IC360's advanced Security Orchestration and Automation integrations, you can easily secure your entire stack with just one platform. Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple solutions and hello to effortless security with IC360.

IC360 Integration Technology - Integrated Cyber
Integrated Cyber | Experience uncompromised cyber security with IC360.

Experience uncompromised cyber security with IC360.

Don't settle for patchwork solutions that leave gaps in your cyber security. IC360 offers a unique integration and automation layer that covers the entire framework of internationally accepted standards, ensuring you are fully protected. With IC360, enjoy uncompromised cyber security across your entire technology stack.

Protect your business at every step with IC360.

From assessment to remedy, IC360 has got you covered. Our unique integration and automation layers provide unparalleled cyber security benefits that other MSSPs cannot replicate. Protect your business from every possible threat with IC360's cyber standards and stages of assess, prevent, detect, react, and remedy.

Walking and Talking

It's time to correlate events across your multiple software silos with IC360. Get the intelligence you need to protect your business. 

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