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A comprehensive and affordable insurance for your cyber risk.

Cyber risk is no longer just about breaches, scams, and attacks. Today’s businesses have multiple connection points that are vulnerable to power outages, natural disasters, and other incidents that result in cyber-related disruption and loss.

Everyone Needs Insurance

Cyber insurance is no longer the domain of large enterprise companies. Today's small and mid-sized businesses are at a higher risk than ever.


RansomProtect™ introduces customers to our partner's platform to receive reimbursement for expenses from one of the most common cyber threats - ransomware.


Insurance to Stay in Business

Your policy will cover the cost of business continuity, damages from cyber extortion, fraudulent funds transfers, equipment replacement, and digital information recovery, as well as legal and regulatory fees, third-party losses, attack investigation, and crisis management.


Dedicated Breach Ops Team

Early-intervention recovery is performed by a dedicated breach operations team ready to assist subscribers and manage the breach by removing malware, notifying customers and restoring the system.


Small Business Owner

$6+ Trillion

In 2021, the global cost of cybercrime exceeded
$6 trillion



Only 14% of SMBs are able to mitigate cyber risk and vulnerabilities. An attack is too complicated and complex to unwind yourself, quite often putting companies out of business. 

Fashion Designer


61% of SMBs in the US experiences a cyberattack in the last year. Cyber criminals are going after the smaller and less prepared companies. 

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