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Cyber Insurance

A comprehensive, affordable platform for managing all types of cyber risk.

Cyber risk is no longer just about breaches, scams, and attacks. Today’s businesses have multiple connection points that are vulnerable to power outages, natural disasters, and other incidents that result in cyber-related disruption and loss.

Working Together

All Businesses are Digital Businesses

The ways and means of conducting operations are tethered to technologies that are always at risk and sometimes beyond your control, from infrastructure and network to sales and marketing to customer engagement and relationship management.

Cyber insurance is no longer the domain of large enterprise companies. Today's small and mid-sized businesses are at a higher risk than ever. 



The cost of downtime due to ransomware is up 200% year-over-year. How confident are you that existing software will catch someone in the act?

RansomProtect™ introduces customers to our partner's platform to receive reimbursement for expenses from one of the most common cyber threats - ransomware.

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The Best Insurance to Keep Your Doors Open

When you get hit by a cyberattack, a cyber insurance policy protects the whole business. Your policy will cover the cost of business continuity, damages from cyber extortion, fraudulent funds transfers, equipment replacement, and digital information recovery, as well as legal and regulatory fees, third-party losses, attack investigation, and crisis management.


Dedicated Breach Ops Team

Subscribers receive a mini-sensor and monitoring that complements your cyber solutions and acts like a smoke detector, providing an additional layer of security by inspecting network traffic for warning signs. Cutting-edge cloud-based analytics detect cyber threats in real-time with 24x7 monitoring.

Early-intervention recovery is performed by a dedicated breach operations team ready to assist subscribers and manage the breach by removing malware, notifying customers and restoring the system.

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$1.3 B

There were $1.3 Billion in losses from cybercrimes in 2016, and it only continues to grow. 



Only 14% of SMBs are able to mitigate cyber risk and vulnerabilities. An attack is too complicated and complex to unwind yourself, quite often putting companies out of business. 

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61% of SMBs in the US experiences a cyberattack in the last year. Cyber criminals are going after the smaller and less prepared companies. 

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