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Protect your manufacturing business from cyber threats

Integrated Cyber provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored specifically for manufacturing companies, ensuring that your sensitive data and operations are protected from cyber threats

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Welcome to a New Era in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is increasingly adapting to smart manufacturing processes with unprecedented automation enabled by data and AI. With the traditional air-gapped equipment of legacy practices, some degree of security from cyber threats was achievable. However, this is different for smart manufacturing as it necessitates greater network connectivity and IoT sensing capabilities. 

Nevertheless, increased network connectivity brings cloud-based technologies to cybersecurity issues in OT and IoT. Moreover, this blurring of boundaries between IT and OT systems has significantly expanded the attack surface area. Every year, cyber breaches cause OT networks to be taken offline despite the ransomware only impacting IT systems. Additionally, the consequences of a breach are no longer limited to one company due to the connectedness of companies. 

Vulnerability Assessments

Keep your manufacturing business safe from cyber threats.

As smart manufacturing equipment becomes more prevalent, so do the cyber threats. Don't leave your business vulnerable to attacks. Choose Integrated Cyber to scan your environment to find vulnerabilities, and then help patch your systems so you're protected against increased threats across your manufacturing operations.

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Cyber Training

Safeguard your business from internal threats.

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Ensure they are trained and equipped to keep your company safe. Integrated Cyber protects your business from internal risks and safeguards your valuable data.

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Cyber Services

Secure your valuable IP with industry-leading cybersecurity.

Don't let your valuable intellectual property fall into the wrong hands. Integrated Cyber offers industry-leading cybersecurity solutions designed specifically for manufacturing companies. While most companies have between seven and 15 different services, we'll help you ensure you only have what you need to protect your company properly. 

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The Manufacturing Top 10

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses in the manufacturing sector, including metals, machining, tools, and fabrication companies. As a business leader or IT executive in this industry, protecting your organization from cyber threats should be a top priority. Cyberattacks can result in devastating financial losses, damage to your reputation, and operational disruptions. In this blog, we'll discuss the top 10 cybersecurity issues you should focus on and provide actionable steps to remediate these risks before they impact your company. 


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It's time to protect your business from cyber threats with Integrated Cyber properly. 
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