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Managed Security Services

Connected and Integrated Across the Entire Ecosystem


Leverage superior products due to the integration with best-in-class modules from third parties and a SaaS operating system architecture that allows us to replace any module with a new and better product, thereby keeping you on the leading edge of today's best cybersecurity.

The services we offer are integrated and designed for you to leverage only what you need today while integrating more services as your needs change. 


Do you know how vulnerable you are? Are you managing your people and system? If not, it's time to ensure you're wrapping your arms around vulnerability. 

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Incident Detection & Response

Your complete Managed Security information and event management (SIEM), Security Operations Center (SOC) & Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR/RT). 


Governance, Risk & Compliance - GRC

The assessment and management of your risk is an important function in your total cyber security journey. 

People with Masks

You reap the value of an integrated managed service from the only Integrated Security Service Provider - ISSP


This integrated platform enables a holistic approach across the cybersecurity continuum.   

Detect &


Your cyber risks & vulnerabilities are detected and managed around-the-clock

Contain &


Cyber incidents are detected, automatically contained, or automatically remediated



Human intervention occurs within minutes of any attack when required



Complex issues are tackled within 10-minutes with expert care