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Managed Proofpoint 
Cyber Training & Awareness 

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Did you already buy the Proofpoint software and you're only sending a few email and phish campaigns? You know there's more value to get from your investment, but you don't have the resource or time to actively manage. Let Integrated Cyber take control and drive the best security awareness & training programs you've ever seen. 


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Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving. We'll manage the Proofpoint Security Awareness Training software to deliver the right education to the right people. The solution identifies risk through Very Attacked People (VAP) reports, threat simulations, and knowledge assessments. Simulations can utilize templates from Proofpoint threat intelligence to ensure realistic measurements of user risk while knowledge assessments are fully customizable.

We'll work with you to deliver targeted education driven by threat intelligence to the right users. We'll also empower your employees to report suspicious emails with the PhishAlarm® Email Add-In. Content from the messages is analyzed by Proofpoint threat intelligence, while the URLs and attachments are sandboxed for malicious content. 

All managed by the Integrated Cyber team

Managed Service Features Include

Identify Risk

Identify who is being attacked and evaluate their ability to protect themselves.

Change Behavior

Deliver targeted education driven by threat intelligence to the right users. 

Reduce Exposure

Turn your employees into a strong last line of defense and make them part of your team.

Business Intelligence

We'll give you the visibility you need into your users’ assessments, simulated attacks, and training assignments. 

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Proofpoint features managed by Integrated Cyber

  • Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP)

  • PhishAlarm Analyzer Threat Prioritization

  • PhishAlarm Email Reporting Add-in

  • Security awareness materials; posters, infographics, newsletters, etc.

  • Game-based Training Modules

  • Video Training Modules

  • Interactive Training Modules

  • CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments

  • ThreatSim USB Simulations

  • ThreatSim Phishing Simulations

  • Very Attacked People Reports

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