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Schools & Education

Add an extra layer of protection to your existing technology services. Whether you need a comprehensive cybersecurity program or training for employees and students, we have you covered.

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Integrated Cyber cyber security solutions for schools and the education system shares many of the capabilities as the Large Enterprise edition, however, it's scaled back to an affordable base offering, including real-time detection and remediation of cyber threats, cyber insurance scaled to protect your school, and an innovative end-user coaching and training capability aimed at improving your employees' best cyber practices at the moment they inadvertently do something risky!

How Academia Is Attacked


Cybersecurity experts warn of the dangers of phishing in higher education, suggesting it is one
of the top vulnerabilities facing institutions today. Phishing scams can be difficult to identify and have become a major threat to academia, as hackers use sophisticated methods to lure users into following malicious links.


Ransomware attacks are among the leading cyber threats to the education sector. Also known as “malware,” these types of attacks can prevent users from accessing the network or files and cause significant disruption to an institution. More advanced
forms of this threat can see attackers hold files for ransom.

Lack of Awareness

Human error plays a key part in your institution's cybersecurity threat. However, with better overall cybersecurity training and
awareness among your administrative staff, professors, deans, and even your chancellor, you could better protect yourself against cyberattacks.

Top 3 Solutions For Academia


The key to slowing down the success of cyber attackers is through active and constant training of your personnel. 

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Vulnerability Assessment

Get real-time insight into hosts, services, and vulnerabilities present across your internal, external, and cloud infrastructure.

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World-class endpoint protection will be deployed on your most sensitive or important endpoints,
desktops, and laptops.

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Detect, Analyze, Respond, and Remediate

While preventative capabilities such as network security or endpoint protection have become commonplace, strong Incident Management ensures that compromises that occur are immediately detected and either automatically resolved or sent quickly to the proper experts in the SOC for remediation.
We create, hone and maintain threat use cases to ensure we defend against what matters to you. This methodology is equally applied to cloud, hybrid and on-premises networks and the threats they face. We build rule and playbook content to detect these threat use cases, and in the case of playbooks, enrich and orchestrate a response, whether that be actionable recommendations, manual actions or automated remediations.

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