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Cyber Attacks vs.  
Budget Allocation Challenge

We have it all wrong.

The whole equation is upside-down, unbalanced, and a big opportunity for you to make a difference.  

The allocation of resources to proactively protect your company through the humans getting attacked vs. money spent on technology-related attacks is not balanced. 

According to a Stanford University study in 2021, 88% of cyber breaches are due to employee behavior. It's time to put the resources and budget behind closing this vulnerability in your cyber strategy. 

Abstract Background

It's time to change the irony of the unbalanced approach

Human-Focused Cyber Solutions Protect Against the Following

Employees get attacled daily, and companies only allocate 20% of their cyber budget to secure this embedded weakness. Is it any wonder that 88% of breaches start here? 

Tech-Focused Cyber Solutions

80% of the budget & only 12% of the breaches. 

Hacking via 

  • ​Employee education

  • Dark web credential monitoring

  • Credential-pair validation

  • Privilege escalation control

  • 2FA and cookie management

  • Social engineering controls

  • Supply chain/partner privileges​

Hacking via Phishing

  • Employee education

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Employee behavior monitoring

  • “In-the-moment” prompting

  • Management alerting & intervention

Hacking via Malicious Insiders

  • Anomalous behavior monitoring​

Hacking via Technology

  • Network controls (Firewall, VPN, WiFi, MITM..)

  • URL blocking

  • Malware blocking (SQL injection, DNS tunneling..)

  • Brute force attacks

  • Drive-by & XXS attacks

  • Device misconfigurations

  • Unpatched software

  • Endpoint detection & response

  • MDR of infrastructure (messaging, cloud…)

  • CASB

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