The cyberattack vs. budget allocation challenge

The allocation of resources to proactively protect your company through the humans getting attacked vs. money spent on technology-related attacks is not balanced. 

According to a Stanford University study in 2021, 88% of cyber breaches are due to employee behavior. It's time to put the resources and budget behind closing this vulnerability in your cyber strategy.

Human-Focused Cyber Solutions Protect Against the Following

Employees are get slammed every day and companies are only allocating 20% of their cyber budget to secure this embedded weakness. Is it any wonder that 88% of breaches start here? 

Tech-Focused Cyber Solutions

80% of the budget and only 12% of the breaches. 

Hacking via Impresonation

  • ​Employee education

  • Dark web credential monitoring

  • Credential-pair validation

  • Privilege escalation control

  • 2FA and cookie management

  • Social engineering controls

  • Supply chain/partner privileges​

Hacking via Phishing

  • Employee education

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Employee behavior monitoring

  • “In-the-moment” prompting

  • Management alerting & intervention

Hacking via Malicious Insiders

  • Anomalous behavior monitoring​

Hacking via Technology

  • Network controls (Firewall, VPN, WiFi, MITM..)

  • URL blocking

  • Malware blocking (SQL injection, DNS tunneling..)

  • Brute force attacks

  • Drive-by & XXS attacks

  • Device misconfigurations

  • Unpatched software

  • Endpoint detection & response

  • MDR of infrastructure (messaging, cloud…)

  • CASB