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ICS Middle East

Providing top-notch cybersecurity services regionally.

Go-to-market expertise in the region

Our esteemed regional partner, HSG Middle East (“HSG”), based in the UAE, has been a trusted provider of specialized hospitality supplies and cutting-edge technology solutions across the Middle East since 2012. As a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), HSG boasts strong relationships with over 500 hotels and 55,000 rooms in the region.

Our collaboration with HSG is strategic and multifaceted. We aim to forge valuable business alliances by establishing ICS Middle East by partnering with local entities. This approach allows us to tap into their expertise and extensive networks. By leveraging this partnership, Integrated Cyber and local organizations gain invaluable insights into the local market, understand cultural nuances, and navigate the regulatory landscape unique to this region.


Together, we have created a powerful synergy that benefits our customers in the Middle East.

Middle East Cybersecurity

Introducing and securing the region's IT infrastructures is vital to each organization's long-term security. Integrated Cyber is brining their worldwide experience in delivering cybersecurity to the Middle East. 

UAE Government

Develop a credentialing system tailored for individuals, corporations, and government agencies within the UAE

Power Generation

Brining the knowledge of 15 North American power plants cybersecurity services to the region. 

Hotel & Hospitality

Expanding on existing services to this sector to ensure they have the security needed to protect them and their guests. 

Healtcare sector

Ensuring the healthcare sector has the cybersecurity systems, processes, and services to remain safe. 

Meet the Middle East Team

Our ICS Middle East partners will initially be focused on four key areas to grow its presence and commercial opportunities in the region

Inam Haider - ICS Middle East.png

Inam Haider

Inam Haider, a seasoned C-level professional, stands as a beacon of innovation in the hotel technology and supplies industry across the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Asia-Pacific. With over 25 years of trailblazing experience, Inam has honed his expertise in serving hotel owners' and developers' unique needs.


His impact reverberates through cutting-edge advancements in telecommunications, media consumption, and security. Beyond his role at HSG, Inam is a Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, where he pushes the boundaries of knowledge in Digital Transformation in Hospitality. Armed with a robust educational foundation, Inam's fusion of academic rigor and extensive industry acumen positions him as a catalyst for change in both scholarly and professional realms, particularly at the intersection of technology and business.

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Jabran Haider - ICS Middle East.png

Jabran Haider

Jabran Haider, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience at the Regional Management level, has adeptly managed major local accounts, including Emaar, Jumeirah, and Rotana, alongside international brands like Hilton, Marriott, and IHG.


His expertise lies in overseeing operations, ensuring seamless processes, and delivering top-notch service. With a keen focus on fostering strong client relationships and achieving business objectives, Jabran’s impact extends beyond the corporate realm.


Completing his education at Punjab University, Jabran holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an Intermediate of Commerce, which provide him with a solid foundation in business studies. His wealth of expertise and substantial industry experience position him to make meaningful contributions to both the academic and professional domains, particularly in the fields of technology and business. 

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