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Reducing the Risk of Ransomware


Secure Your Digital World: Minimize Ransomware Risks with Proactive Vulnerability Management and Comprehensive Cyber Training

Start With Two Simple Things

To reduce the risk of successful ransomware attacks, we recommend simply starting with two easy services that do not replace or disrupt your current cyber tech stack.


You should proactively scan for vulnerabilities and train your employees every month to identify and avoid malicious emails.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment or scan can help protect you against ransomware

  1. Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities

  2. Provide a baseline for risk assessment

  3. Help validate security controls

Cyber Training

Cyber training can significantly reduce your risk of being infected with ransomware

  1. Raises awareness

  2. Teaches you how to identify phishing attacks

  3. Teaches you how to report suspicious activity

  4. Reduces the likelihood of human error

  5. Improves overall security profile

Welcome to the increased risk of ransomware

You should be worried about ransomware. A recent study by Cybersecurity Ventures found that the global cost of ransomware attacks is expected to reach $26.5 billion in 2023. This represents a 12% increase from 2022.

Ransomware attacks can be very costly. The average ransom payment in 2022 was $170,404, up from $136,570 in 2021. 

Ransomware attacks can be very disruptive. A ransomware attack can take a business offline for days or weeks, leading to lost revenue and reputational damage.


Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Attackers now use new techniques, such as supply chain attacks, to target businesses.

Stock Exchange

We know the attacks will continue. Let's make sure they're not successful.

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