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Cyber Training & Awareness


The key to slowing down the success of cyber attackers is through active and constant training of your employees. Our team of experts is ready to help and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.  

Cyber training Integrated Cyber

Once a year does not work

Did you know that 88% of cyber breaches are caused by human action? Integrated Cyber will actively manage your existing security awareness & training software or deliver a complete software and managed service solution.  

Your "annual cybersecurity awareness training" does not work. For years we've all participated in the annual one-hour corporate training course on cybersecurity, only to forget most of what is taught. Not only does this method of training not 'stick' with employees, but the cyber threat is also constantly changing. This is why you need help managing the preventative nature of protecting your company.

AI in Cybersecurity - Integrated Cyber

Artificial Intelligence

Our cyber training is driven by Artificial intelligence (AI) and delivers a more robust and insightful education experience.
AI is used to personalize security training for each employee based on their behavior patterns and learning style. 

Machine Learning

The platform also uses machine learning algorithms (ML) to analyze and identify phishing emails, helping organizations detect and prevent potential cyber-attacks. 

Natural Language Processing

Finally, the platform uses natural language processing (NLP) to create custom simulations and training content that can mimic real-life scenarios, providing your employees with realistic experiences that help improve their awareness of cybersecurity risks.

Measure for success

Macro & Micro Performance Analysis

Identify employee risk with quizzes, phishing tests, and cyber risk scores. We tend to find high-risk users and recommend individual contact by the cyber team. 


Results Across Every Campaign Analyzed

We are focused on maximizing the impact of every campaign. We analyze and test unique components of each email to improve email open rates and click thru rates. 

Program Success

Measuring Overall Risk Score Reduction 

We will measure and ensure your organization sees an overall reduction in your employee risk profile. You'll have the insight and tools to show the positive impact you're making. 

Cyber Training Infographic - Integrated Cyber
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Top-Clicked Phishing Text Results
The infographic includes the following:

Most Common "In The Wild" Attacks
Top 10 Email Subjects Globally
Top 5 Attack Vector Types
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