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Working from Home - Focus on Your Workspace

Welcome to working from home

Positioning Your Workspace

Facing a wall or window will minimize the distractions within the room and allow you to focus on the task at hand. It will also allow you to post things on the wall that you may need, like post-it reminders, goals, etc.

Your workspace:

  • Should not be used for other purposes when you’re not working, such as watching TV, recreational web surfing, game playing, etc.

  • It should not be where others in the house spend time during the day. Again, you want to minimize distractions and having someone coming in and out and engaging in conversation takes you off task.

  • It should not be a place that must be “dismantled” at the end of the day, like the dining room or kitchen table, or the center of the living room.

  • It should not be a place that you spend your evening. Just as you need to go to work, you need to come home from work as well.

Get creative on what you can use to construct your home office workspace. The main goal is to create a workspace that you can go to daily, do your work, and “come home from” with the same routine you had previously. Set-up a card table in a quiet room and grab a comfortable chair where you work items are permanently set-up until you head back into the office.

Communication is Key

When working from home, you don’t have the same ease of communication as in an office environment, thus it is important to “overcommunicate” with team members. Use regular channels of communication that your company provides, do not use unauthorized channels.

For security purposes, make sure that you have disabled any personal home assistants (Alexa, Google) as their microphones are always on and listening.


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