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Work from Home - Establishing Your Environment

Welcome to working from home

This may be the first time you are working from home for an extended time, which is quite different than working from home for a day or two. Being productive at home requires the proper workspace that eliminates distractions and enables you to be as focused as if you were in the office. I have personally spent the better part of the last 7-years working from home and the steps you take to establish your environment plays an important role in your performance and focus.

Your Work Environment

For many people, working from the kitchen or dining room table, setting themselves up in the morning and cleaning up their workspace when they’re done is the norm, and for a day or two, this can work, but you should avoid this if possible. When you work in the office, you have a dedicated space that you go to each day that is immediately ready for you to do your work. You should try and emulate this familiar structure and create a dedicated workspace that offers a comfortable place to work, free from the many distractions that can accompany working from home.

The best home workspaces are places where you can shut yourself off from the world, however, not everyone has this option. You need to dedicate some space in an existing room to set up your office, knowing that it is important that you configure your workspace to minimize distractions.

Equip your workspace with the following:

Our next post will focus on your workspace and the importance it plays on staying focused.


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