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Tech in 2023: 6 new priorities for your shortlist

ZD Net has a great article on what the experts think will be the big tech trends for 2023.

The article states, "Tech executives expect their technology budgets to rise during the next year, according to predictions from analysts and other surveys, despite the economic headwinds. ZDNET spoke to tech executives and industry insiders to find out, as spending continuing to rise, where digital leaders are looking to prioritize their investments in 2023."

For the #5 priority, they state:

5. Dealing with cybersecurity concerns. A strong focus on proactive and preventative cyber measures is something that chimes with Andy Pocock, IT director at TrustFord, who says his priority is simple: keeping data safe and secure.

"I think the big trend will be security and addressing that concern. It's certainly the focus for me. To just ensure that I've got the capabilities and the protections in place to protect my company's data and my customers' data," he says.

"You've only got to go and read the National Cyber Strategy and you've only got to listen to the National Cyber Security Centre. The cyber threat is ever-evolving, and it's going to get bigger."

The six subjects are:

1. Using the cloud as a foundation for machine learning

2. Get ready for the metaverse

3. Ensuring data is reliable and explainable

4. Getting the most out of the cloud

5. Dealing with cybersecurity concerns

6. Using the IoT to take control

To read the entire article and details on the priorities, click here.


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