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Deloitte Survey Shows Education & Awareness are Key to Successful Cyber Security Programs

While the Deloitte survey is almost one year old, it resonates, even more, today than it did in 2019. What jumps out from the study are the following points:

Education & Awareness.

  • The most successful programs exhibit several core traits, including setting a tone at the top of an organization, with both executives and the board

  • The need to raise cybersecurity's profile beyond the IT department to give the security function higher-level attention and greater clout

  • You must align cybersecurity efforts with the company's business strategy


  • Companies spend an average of 10% of their IT budget on cybersecurity.

  • Spending PER EMPLOYEE averages USD $1,300 to USD 3,000 for cybersecurity

  • Large firms spent nearly 20% of their budget on identity and access management – 2x more than small/medium firms

  • Smaller/Midsize firms spent more on end-point and network security

Central Theme

  • HOW a security program is planned, executed, and governed is likely as important as how much money is devoted to cybersecurity.

Check out the Deloitte and FS-ISAC survey – click here

Integrated Cyber has a robust set of offerings to help you educate and create the awareness needed to combat the increased cyber threat facing your business. Check out our Learning and Development offerings – click here


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