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Cyber Threat Update - Vishing, Smishing & More - March 2023 | Cybersecurity Report

In March 2023, the United States continues to face a variety of cyber threats. According to a recent report [1], phishing attacks are on the rise, with non-email-based methods such as vishing and smishing becoming increasingly common. These attacks can be difficult to detect and can compromise personal and sensitive information.

Cybersecurity Threats
Vishing & Smishing

In addition to these types of attacks, there are a number of other cyber risks that are top of mind for experts in the field [2]. Growing geopolitical tensions and insufficient corporate leadership attention are just a few of the concerns that are keeping cybersecurity professionals up at night. The scarcity of cyber talent is another major issue, as there simply aren't enough skilled professionals to keep up with the demand for cybersecurity expertise.

To combat these threats, the US government has made a commitment to disrupt and dismantle threat actors using all available tools [3]. This includes working with law enforcement agencies, private sector partners, and international allies to identify and neutralize malicious actors.

As individuals, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves from cyber threats. This includes being cautious about opening emails or messages from unknown senders, using strong and unique passwords, and keeping software and operating systems up to date. By taking these precautions, we can help to minimize our risk of falling victim to a cyber attack in March 2023 and beyond.



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