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Best Password Managers of 2022 does a great job reviewing password managers, which we highlighted a couple of years ago. Here is their most recent 7 November 2022 update.

Password managers are now the de facto standard for handling credentials. They spent over 40 hours researching more than 40 providers. After downloading and testing each, Owen Dubiel at Digital sat through demos, evaluated customer reviews, and compared pricing and features.

He recommends choosing password management tools based on these criteria. Some solutions are better suited for managing personal use cases, while others are best for internal enterprise IT operations.

Best overall: Dashlane

Dashlane - Best Password Manager 2022 -

Dashlane is their pick of the best password managers, thanks to excellent tools and features across competitively-priced packages. High reliability, superior scalability, knowledgeable and responsive customer service and support, and a 30-day premium free trial ensure it ranks first.

He does a great job and covers the subject in the following areas:

  • The Best Password Managers of 2022

  • Why You Should Trust This Review

  • How I Rated the Best Password Manager Providers

  • The Top 10 Password Managers

  • How I Tested the Best Password Managers

  • Other Password Manager resources


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