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In Memoriam 
Jim Noble
1947 - 2022

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According to Fortune Magazine, Jim was CIO of more Fortune 100 companies than anyone else alive! Some of the highlights in Jim's career were:

  • Voted #7 in Most Influential Technology Executives in the USA

  • CIO at General Motors, AOL Time Warner, Altria Group (Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing), Merrill Lynch, and General Electric (UK)

  • Chief IT Strategy Officer at BP and General Motors

  • Global head of IT Consulting at Capgemini

  • Chairman of World ITO/BPO Forum

  • CIO Magazine award for innovation in IT

  • Accenture award for innovation in IT

As CEO of Integrated Cyber, Jim understood the needs of the most complex enterprises in the world. Jim taught cyber security at Columbia University in NYC. He was an active contributor to the Carnegie Mellon University cyber security framework for the electricity sector (the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model -- C2M2).

Jim Noble

Integrated Cyber mourns the passing and celebrates the life of our founder, Jim Nobel. 

James Noble, 77, former CEO and founder of Integrated Cyber Solutions, passed away on 20 January 2022. 

Jim, an IT visionary, leader, and thoughtful soul, saw things others didn’t and always looked for a solution that benefited everyone. The result manifested a long list of people he worked with being profoundly touched and impacted by his approach and demeanor. 


Since being diagnosed with cancer 4-years ago, Jim bravely fought with every ounce of his being and every available treatment. He was always curious, always learning, and always kind. His daily approach to life didn’t change in his final months, a true testament to the man he was. 


He graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, with an undergraduate degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). He carried his love of education, research, curiosity to a professional career that brought him to the United States. He held significant roles at Capgemini, General Motors, AOL, Merrill Lynch, BP, and more. He founded Integrated Cyber Solutions in 2016 to bring together his love of IT and cyber solutions, ensuring that companies are cyber safe. He recently stepped down as CEO and remained Chairman of the company until his passing.


Jim was born in Scotland and is survived by his son, Marcel, in Vermont. 

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