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IC360 Portal

While you need multiple technologies and tools to cover your entire cyber lifecycle, the IC360 Operating System integrates these tools backend and provides single access and integration IC360 Portal on the front-end.  

The IC360 Portal becomes an important part of your security management processes because it gives you a secure and integrated view of the security services we are providing and a 24x7 security status.

The Portal is a client-resident, and multi-platform (Windows and MAC OS), to ensure it is completely secure and managed within your unique environment.

Your configuration is centrally managed through our administration portal and automatically updated across all deployed clients.

Your administration access easily lets you manage user access, change local branding/colors/logos as well as add additional local web apps or tools within the same environment!

The IC360 Portal also supports client Single-Sign-On (SSO) Integration so you can administer or use it with existing credentials.  

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