Third-Party Risk Management

Vendors and third-parties need to be continually assessed, mitigated, and reported


When you implement a Third-Party Risk Management solution, you'll harness a powerful automation and analytics platform to standardize and streamline cumbersome risk assessment processes associated with vendors and third-parties.

You will integrate your global vendors into a centralized repository to gain complete visibility into their individual risk level. The solution’s robust analytics capabilities enable you to conduct third-party risk assessments and continuously monitor them. You also get sophisticated reporting tools for the creation of in-depth risk reports.

Your single dashboard with multiple insights

You will easily have actionable data about third-party risks at your fingertips. The solution’s elegantly designed dashboard provides insights at-a-glance of vendors that are exposing your organization to the highest risk so you can act before it’s too late. Real-time updates let you to see the status of active risks and track their progress to resolution.

Third-Party Risk Management Benefits

Third-Party Risk Management Benefits JPE