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Small Business

IC360 Cyber Security Suite for Small Business

Integrated Cyber solutions are tailored for small businesses that may not have all of the IT staff of larger organizations. The solution has the cyber security features of our Medium to Large Enterprise edition, however, it's scaled back to an affordable base offering, including real-time detection and remediation of cyber threats, cyber insurance scaled to protect your business and an innovative end-user coaching and training capability aimed at improving your employees' best cyber practices at the moment they inadvertently do something risky!

of data breaches are waged against
small institutions & businesses


start with human error, especially with
employees! And we can stop that!



is the average penalty for a cyber data
breach in a small business


of them will terminate their business
within six months


is the attack schedule. These are not
kids in basements, they're bots

As a small business owner, you are faced with the daunting challenge of protecting your business in an increasingly hostile environment where businesses like yours are being targeted as much as large enterprises. Integrated Cyber has a better solution by providing small businesses the same protection, value, and efficiency that we offer some of today’s largest corporations.  We’ll pull together the necessary cyber tools from thousands of software options, integrate them, and give you a better architecture, components, prevention, containment, remediation, and value.  

This SaaS solution delivers one-stop coverage through bundled packages with the proper elements to support your needs:

  • 24 x 7 Incident Detection & Response

  • Employee Behavior Analytics & Coaching 

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Cyber Insurance


24x7 Incident Detection & Response 

You get a 24x7 monitoring service is managed and monitored by cybersecurity experts in our Security Operations Center


You get: 

  • The latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools combined with human support

  • Response time to attacks in minutes, not hours

  • A proactive search for known threats in your environment that we get based on subscriptions we have with government and industry cyber intelligence

  • Remediation of issues, we don't just identify them

man holding phone and working at laptop

Employee Behavior Analytics and Coaching

Your employees face a multitude of threats every day. While lots of companies only focus on what to do after you're 'hit' with an issue, we believe if you educate, monitor, and help your employees they will become a strong line of defense the next time you're attacked. 

  • 60% to 80% of security incidents start with your own employees and workers

  • You'll get a management dashboard detailing your highest risk employees from our 24x7 monitoring activity

  • You'll also get automated bite-sized coaching for your employees when they make mistakes to increase awareness


Dark Web


You get a Dark Web monitoring platform that combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor your organization for compromised or stolen employee and customer data

  • In most cases, employees playing risky games or following phishing links results in email and passwords being shard on the Dark Web for exploitation 

  • You get a detailed report of credentials publicly published

  • We'll provide you with remediation advice

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A Cyber Insurance proprietary policy protects your business in the event of a cyber attack by insuring:

  • Lost revenue

  • Continuity of operations

  • Settlement of lawsuits 

  • Payment of regulatory fines


You can get coverage up to $1M at a cost 20-50 times less than competitors. 

You also get monitoring and recovery services to help manage you through the recovery journey. 

Cyber Security Protection Packs

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