Managed SecurityAdvisor 
Security Awareness & Training

Are you looking for a personalized security awareness platform to reduce security incidents but you don't have the resource or time to actively manage? Let us introduce you to the SecurityAdvisor platform to enable you to introduce the best security awareness & training programs you've ever seen. 


Hackers leverage human cognitive biases to get humans to make cybers security errors, such as clicking on fraudulent links or falling victim to malicious emails. From analyzing over 500,000 data points, SecurityAdvisor platform identified the 9 top cognitive biases hackers exploit. These tactics are even more effective when employees work remotely!

Integrated Cyber will maximize SecurityAdvisor's byte sized and user-friendly coaching, personalize the outreach, and drive a continuous improvement using measurable outcomes. 

All managed and maximized by the Integrated Cyber team. 

Managed Service Features Include

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Employee Risk Assessment

With the data collected by your existing security products (Crowdstrike, Palo Alto Networks, McAfee, Splunk etc.) we identify and visualize your human risks, and recommend tailored security awareness programs for your organization and employees.

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SecurityAdvisor has a novel phishing simulation solution that allows you to simulate and attack end users on both Email and Slack. We also offer a fully managed service that integrates with leading email security products to identify the top phishing attacks launched on the organization and recommends specific phishing attacks to launch by department, role and user.

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Contextual Coaching for Remote Employees

SecurityAdvisor has a proprietary and patented AI engine that identifies unique Teachable Moments for each employee and delivers bite-sized tips for each of these moments. We learn from your employee’s engagement and curate personalized content that’s proven to help users avoid repeat cyber security errors. 

Security Outcomes Reporting

We provide our customers with a complete understanding of their organization’s security posture, through result driven reports, that they can take to their board and leadership team. This report will focus on real world outcomes, not a fake phishing click rate.

We'll set-up and customize your program

Monthly Security outcomes tracking
Real time security awareness tips on Slack, Teams, Facebook Workplace
Contextual security awareness training
Benchmark security metrics with industry
Quarterly user risk analytics report
Risk analytics on endpoint, cloud and web to identify teachable moments and risky users
Mobile support- IOS and Android
SSO Integration
Micro- messages/ security tips for end users for quick learning
Email phishing simulation (Custom)
Automated security awareness program

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