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Cyber Security for Small Business

Cyber Security Solution for Small Business

Integrated Cyber, has a unique patent-pending cloud-based SaaS platform that uses AI and human intelligence to integrate best-of-breed security solutions in a small business bundle that can help you in these turbulent times.

It can’t get any easier for small businesses to be protected for the important cyber security issues that are not covered in the ‘normal’ set of tools you may have deployed. You’ll get a simple and sophisticated monitoring device placed on your company’s data network that continuously monitors your assets for anomalous behavior, this includes networking devices, servers, and end-user devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones).

  • Your systems will be watched through a combination of AI and human intelligence 24x7 and when we detect an intrusion, we’ll respond quickly to contain the threat while working with your staff to remediate permanently.

  • Your employees' cyber activity will be monitored and captured to ensure you’re protected from those moments when they accidentally create cyber risk by clicking on a dangerous email or going to a risky site. You’ll get clear metrics about employee-generated incidents while your employees receive personalized security coaching and tips about how they can avoid such traps in the future.

  • You’ll know if your company’s data is on the Dark Web through a unique monitoring platform that specifically looks for any reference to your company’s domain. You’ll get a clear report for everything that’s discovered and we’ll provide targeted remediation advice when we find your company’s compromised data.

  • You can also get Cyber Insurance as an optional add-on to your Small Business Bundle. In the event of a cyber breach that causes a loss for your business (data held to ransom or faculty productivity loss or cost of recovery), you’ll have strong insurance coverage with very few exceptions or deductions. Rates vary based on your company’s risk profile, general revenue range (for coverage), and desired insurance limit.

  • Your IC360 Small Business Cyber Security Bundle is provided on a monthly recurring subscription based on the number of employees, end-point devices, and infrastructure devices (servers, networking) in your business.

  • For example, a business of 25 employees with 10 infrastructure devices would expect to pay roughly $80 per user per month.

Call us today to learn how you can expand the cyber protection for your business.

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