Policy Lifecycle Management

The only thing that's constant is change

Your business is not static, neither are the applications connected to your network. On one hand, you’re adding new functionality to transform and streamline the business, you’re connecting to more cloud services and trying to keep track of rouge application deployments in the far corners of your organization. Meanwhile, you’re trying to keep up with the growing number and sophistication of new cyber attacks.

With all of this movement, your security policies cannot remain static. So you ask, “How can I keep up with current policies and add new policies to keep my organization protected, in addition to everything else?”

With a Policy Lifecycle Management service from Integrated Cyber, you’ll be able to automate your entire security policy management lifecycle to ensure connectivity for application and security management. We’ll start with an auto-discovery of your application connectivity requirements, and then automatically lead you through a process of planning changes and assessing the risks, implementing those changes and maintaining the policy, and finally altering access rules when applications are no longer in use or needed.