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Managed Cybersecurity Awareness & Engagement Training 
- Building A Human Firewall -

88% of cyber breaches are caused by human action. It's time you minimize your biggest risk with a managed cyber awareness and training program for only dollars per person.

We offer a fully curated and managed security awareness and training program at your company so you can focus on the other aspects of cybersecurity. We will actively manage your existing security awareness & training software or deliver a complete software and managed service solution.  

Managed Services for: 

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Hackers are relentless 

Employees face a multitude of threats every day when using your infrastructure. While many companies only focus on what to do after you're 'hit' with an issue, we believe if you educate, monitor, and help your employees, they will become a strong line of defense the next time you're attacked. 

The Managed Cyber Awareness service will personalize and contextualize security awareness for every end-user in your company. We will execute monthly outbound campaigns to educate, train, and test your users -- making them the most powerful deterrent again cyber crimes in your company. 

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Integrated Cyber - Cybersecurity Training

Once a year does not work

Your 'annual cybersecurity awareness training' does not work. For years we've all participated in the annual one-hour corporate training course on cybersecurity, only to forget most of what is taught. Not only does this method of training not 'stick' with employees, but the cyber threat is also constantly changing. This is why you need help managing the preventative nature of protecting your company. 

Running a virtuous cycle 

Have you purchased employee awareness and training software and not used it quite as much as you hoped? Perhaps you're looking for a solution and you're not sure what to select. In either case, we will manage and execute campaigns on your behalf. 

Managing a monthly cycle of pushing awareness campaigns, training, testing, performing analysis, and taking corrective action takes a constant focus, constant movement, and constant outbound campaigns. This is where Integrated Cyber becomes your most important cybersecurity partner. 

Integrated Cyber - Cybersecurity Training That Works
Integrated Cyber - Cybersecurity Training that works

How employees think

We know how employees think. We monitor and manage the behavior of our customer's employees around the world. The psychology of communication and human behavior plays a key role in your awareness campaign. The service was built by world-class marketers, business owners, project managers, teachers, and cyber experts. We leverage the insight gained from thousands of interactions to improve your employee's behavior and security profile. 

Fully managed & affordable

For $1 to $3 per person per month, you get a fully managed cyber awareness and training solution at a fraction of the costs of doing it yourself. Beyond the expertise and experience our team brings to the solution, you should dedicate a portion of a headcount to managing the proactive prevention of cyberattacks. What would this cost internally? Would it remain at the top of their priority list every month?


The answer is simple. We can scale and it will be our number one priority. What are you waiting for? 

Pricing is based on the software stack and the managed services option. 

Integrated Cyber - Training that works for cybersecurity
Integrated Cyber - cybersecurity training

Your brand - Your voice

We will create a personalized experience for your company. We'll use your brand and voice to reinforce the importance your company places on cybersecurity. You'll get a segmented approach to ensure regional differences are addressed, multiple languages are addressed, and each online interaction is special and unique.


Not only will you be increasing the company's security level, but you'll also be improving the personal cybersecurity knowledge of every employee. 

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Measure for success

Integrated Cyber - Employee Performance Cyber Awareness and Training
Macro & Micro Performance Analysis

Identify employee risk with quizzes, phishing tests, and cyber risk scores. We tend to find high-risk users and recommend individual contact by the cyber team. 

Employee Performance
Integrated Cyber - Campaign Optimization Cyber Awareness and Training
Results Across Every Campaign Analyzed

We are focused on maximizing the impact of every campaign. We analyze and test unique components of each email to improve email open rates and click thru rates. 

Campaign Optimization
Integrated Cyber - Program Success Cyber Awareness and Training
Measuring Overall Risk Score Reduction 

We will measure and ensure your organization sees an overall reduction in your employee risk profile. You'll have the insight and tools to show the positive impact you're making. 

Program Success
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Fixing Your Biggest Cyber Vulnerability - Your Employees

Watch our educational webinar with SecurityAdvisor, focused on what you can do to help minimize vulnerabilities and how you can turn the table and provide just-in-time cyber education to make your job easier and keep your organization safe. 

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