Reduce Ransomware & Cyber Threats

Security Awareness & Training
with leading software.

It's time to simplify your life.

And while we're at it, let's get your employees to stop clicking on every email link !

Why do you need new-school security awareness training?

Ransomware. That's why.
CEO Fraud. That's why. 
Compliance. That's why. 
Phishing. That's why.

You now have options that meet your unique business needs when you get your KnowBe4 license from Integrated Cyber. If all you need are seat licenses for your employees, we'll take care of you, with a price that is below MSRP. However, we feel our value comes from two managed service offerings.

We understand the good 'intention' of most cyber teams when they purchase licenses, however, reality shows us that most companies are NOT executing campaigns monthly and not getting the value from their seat licenses.

Let us know what works best for you. 

License Only

.99 cents per month,
per user

KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform.


More than 39,000+ organizations worldwide are using it. You now have a way to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks.

You get: 

  • Unlimited Phishing Security Tests 

  • Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP) 

  • Security ‘Hints & Tips’ 

  • Training Access Level I 

  • Automated Training Campaigns 

  • Brandable Content 

  • Assessments 

  • Phish Alert Button 

  • Phishing Reply Tracking 

  • Active Directory Integration (ADI) 

  • SSO/SAML Integration 

  • Industry Benchmarking 

  • Virtual Risk Officer™ 

  • Advanced Reporting 

  • Training Access Level II 

  • Monthly Email Exposure Check 

  • Vishing Security Test 

  • Smart Groups 

  • Reporting APIs 

  • User Event API 

  • Security Roles 

  • Social Engineering Indicators (SEI) 

  • USB Drive Test 

  • Priority Level Support 

*.99 cents based on 3000 to 5000 users for Platinum level service. We can price you the right level of licenses no matter how many people you need to educate and protect. 100 employee pricing runs about $1.88 per person. 



$1,000 flat-fee

per month

Once you get your KnowBe4 licenses, you MUST execute outbound campaigns EVERY month. However, if you have licenses and you're not, you're not alone. 

Most cyber teams are in a daily battle against cyber-attacks and don't have the right resource to constantly focus on executing with consistency and persistence.


Integrated Cyber will manage every aspect of your security awareness and training program, ensuring you improve your cyber security profile. 

We will help you reduce malware, ransomware, and your overall cyber threat. 

Platinum Managed

$2,000 flat-fee

per month

What's the difference between Managed and the Platinum Service? 

In addition to setting up and managing your KnowBe4 program, you get a higher-touch service that includes: 

  • Advanced reporting and insight through our analysis and interpretation.

  • We'll monitor and manage the KnowBe4 social engineering indicators

  • We'll help you deploy the Phish alert button add-on

  • We'll customize your phishing emails and landing pages

  • We can upload custom content for your needs

  • We'll meet with you monthly to provide in-depth analysis and insight. 

  • You'll get a branded deck to share with your management team.