Issue & Exception Management

Automate your workflows to accelerate your results

Issue Management solution automates key issue management and remediation processes across your organization. You can effectively identify, plan, and respond to events that hinder their ability to report and manage risk. Take advantage of the TruOps-powered robust framework, which makes it easy to document, monitor, respond, and audit any issues detected.

Manage plans, actions, and the allocation of resources to resolve issues expediently. The solution enables you to track audits and assessment findings, oversee issue and plan association, track the status of ongoing remediation efforts, and much more.

Get on-demand access to data and on-time responses to issues

When you deploy the Issue Management’s powerful, user-friendly dashboard and comprehensive reporting functionality, you'll be armed to ensure the right stakeholders will have access to the right mission-critical data to ensure a timely resolution. The solution delivers all the tools necessary to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of real-time issue management events.

Issue & Exception Management Benefits

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