Integrated Cyber Security Services

With thousands of cyber products & services, choose the better solution.​

A Better Architecture

A comprehensive design of tools to cover your cyber life-cycle that's continuously updated by a world-class team of architects - CISOs, professors & practitioners.

Better Components

With a team of over 250 practitioner experts always searching for the
best-in-class point solutions, you'll reap the benefits of components that are tightly integrated and delivered to you as SaaS.

Better Prevention

You'll get continuous vulnerability assessment that's combined with predictive threat intelligence & auto-remediation, coupled with targeted coaching for your staff when they incur risks. 

Better Containment

AI-enabled Machine Reasoning & Machine Leaning enables real-time auto-containment through our 24x7 SOC, staffed by Level 2 & 3 specialists. 

Better Value

You'll see a lower total cost of ownership via SaaS & the Integrated Cyber supporting team. 

Better Remediation

Our incident management team is staffed by Level 4 subject-matter experts empowered to quickly solve issues when remediation is needed.