Governance, Risk & Compliance

Solving how each department uses different tools and processes

Are you facing the same challenges associated with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as most companies? Do you have different departments often use different tools and processes to store, measure and manage their respective view of the business? Additionally, your audit groups use different tools than compliance teams; procurement manages vendor risk with different tools than the risk department uses, so on and so forth. If so, Integrated Cyber can help you wrap your arms and processes around the many aspects of GRC. 


Risk Management

Issue & Exception Management


Risk Management


Lifecycle Management





An integrated GRC stack to solve your business needs

Aligned with our commitment to Integrated Cyber, we can help you integrate multiple GRC modules, including cyber risk in an integrated platform. 

  • Modules can be implemented separately, yet share a common foundational architecture.  Integrated Cyber then integrates this GRC Suite with our Incident Management and Response core as well as the Vulnerability Assessment modules. 

  • Risks or issues in one module are immediately reflected in other modules

  • All modules continuously reflect real-time risk or compliance status


You can start implementing any or all of these modules in different phases, yet ensure they are integrated across modules and with the rest of their cyber landscape.

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