Governance, Risk & Compliance

Solving how each department uses different tools and processes

Are you facing the same challenges associated with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as most companies? Do you have different departments often use different tools and processes to store, measure and manage their respective view of the business? Additionally, your audit groups use different tools than compliance teams; procurement manages vendor risk with different tools than the risk department uses, so on and so forth. If so, Integrated Cyber can help you wrap your arms and processes around the many aspects of GRC. 

General Risk




Policy Lifecycle Management

Third-Party Risk Management

Issue & Exception Management



An integrated GRC stack to solve your business needs

Aligned with our commitment to Integrated Cyber, we can help you integrate multiple GRC modules, including cyber risk in an integrated platform. 

  • Modules can be implemented separately, yet share a common foundational architecture.  Integrated Cyber then integrates this GRC Suite with our Incident Management and Response core as well as the Vulnerability Assessment modules. 

  • Risks or issues in one module are immediately reflected in other modules

  • All modules continuously reflect real-time risk or compliance status


You can start implementing any or all of these modules in different phases, yet ensure they are integrated across modules and with the rest of their cyber landscape.

Risk Management Benefits

General Risk Management

Continually assess, mitigate, and report

By deploying a Risk Management solution that integrates your mission-critical risk management functions, you can simplify and streamline workflows across your organization. You'll be able to accurately assess risk by leveraging industry-standard libraries, track mitigation progress and procedures stored in centralized repositories, and generate reports to determine the effectiveness of your risk posture.


Quickly prioritize your risks, deploy resources to address critical problems, and improve actions to gain a competitive advantage with a Risk Management solution managed by Integrated Cyber. You'll get robust scenario engines coupled with comprehensive, conditional questionnaires to identify internal and external risks. Your personal dashboard reports feature “heat maps” and “traffic light indicators” to provide sophisticated data visualization of your risk hot spots.

Close your risk gaps today and open new opportunities tomorrow

Risk Management users can identify and close any gaps in their organization’s risk management capabilities and receive actionable insight for implementing improvements as required. The platform’s risk register is a powerful tool for monitoring threats and opportunities across the organization while driving awareness and accountability. Risk Management empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions in the evaluation and treatment of risks.


Third-Party Risk Management

Vendors and third-parties need to be continually assessed, mitigated, and reported


When you implement a Third-Party Risk Management solution, you'll harness a powerful automation and analytics platform to standardize and streamline cumbersome risk assessment processes associated with vendors and third-parties.

You will integrate your global vendors into a centralized repository to gain complete visibility into their individual risk level. The solution’s robust analytics capabilities enable you to conduct third-party risk assessments and continuously monitor them. You also get sophisticated reporting tools for the creation of in-depth risk reports.

Your single dashboard with multiple insights

You will easily have actionable data about third-party risks at your fingertips. The solution’s elegantly designed dashboard provides insights at-a-glance of vendors that are exposing your organization to the highest risk so you can act before it’s too late. Real-time updates let you to see the status of active risks and track their progress to resolution.


Compliance Management

Simplify and strengthen your compliance framework

A real compliance management solution puts compliance oversight at your fingertips. With access to a comprehensive standards library that is cross-mapped to hundreds of trusted sources, your organization will be empowered to stay abreast of industry standards and regulations, as well as ensure accountability across stakeholders.

Test once and comply with multiple standards, including SOX, PCI, DSS, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and more, with Compliance Management powered by TruOps. The solution integrates key cross-departmental tasks into a single user-friendly platform, which enables you to improve the accuracy of assessment data, track assessment findings to closure, and respond quickly to new regulatory changes.

Automate your assessments and elevate your compliance scores

Compliance Management automates manual assessment processes, from controls analysis to auditing, and provides greater visibility across your organization through feature-rich dashboards and reports. Based on initial responses to controls questions and evidence, the solutions will assign an overall compliance score to your organization–critical insight for optimizing compliance levels without increasing costs.


Issue & Exception Management

Automate your workflows to accelerate your results

Issue Management solution automates key issue management and remediation processes across your organization. You can effectively identify, plan, and respond to events that hinder their ability to report and manage risk. Take advantage of the TruOps-powered robust framework, which makes it easy to document, monitor, respond, and audit any issues detected.

Manage plans, actions, and the allocation of resources to resolve issues expediently. The solution enables you to track audits and assessment findings, oversee issue and plan association, track the status of ongoing remediation efforts, and much more.

Get on-demand access to data and on-time responses to issues

When you deploy the Issue Management’s powerful, user-friendly dashboard and comprehensive reporting functionality, you'll be armed to ensure the right stakeholders will have access to the right mission-critical data to ensure a timely resolution. The solution delivers all the tools necessary to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of real-time issue management events.


Policy Lifecycle Management

The only thing that's constant is change

Your business is not static, neither are the applications connected to your network. On one hand, you’re adding new functionality to transform and streamline the business, you’re connecting to more cloud services and trying to keep track of rouge application deployments in the far corners of your organization. Meanwhile, you’re trying to keep up with the growing number and sophistication of new cyber attacks.

With all of this movement, your security policies cannot remain static. So you ask, “How can I keep up with current policies and add new policies to keep my organization protected, in addition to everything else?”

With a Policy Lifecycle Management service from Integrated Cyber, you’ll be able to automate your entire security policy management lifecycle to ensure connectivity for application and security management. We’ll start with an auto-discovery of your application connectivity requirements, and then automatically lead you through a process of planning changes and assessing the risks, implementing those changes and maintaining the policy, and finally altering access rules when applications are no longer in use or needed.


Cyber Insurance

Protect your business against privacy breaches, identity theft, system damage, and other cyber crimes

In the event of a cyberattack, a cyber insurance policy protects the whole business. Your policy will cover the cost of business continuity, damages from cyber extortion, fraudulent funds transfers, equipment replacement, and digital information recovery, as well as legal and regulatory fees, third-party losses, attack investigation, and crisis management.

Subscribers receive a mini-sensor and monitoring that complements your cyber solutions and acts like a smoke detector, providing an additional layer of security by inspecting network traffic for warning signs. Cutting-edge cloud-based analytics detect cyber threats in real-time with 24/7 monitoring.

Early-intervention recovery is performed by a dedicated breach operations team ready to assist subscribers and manage the breach by removing malware, notifying customers and restoring the system.

Get an online quote for your comprehensive design of tools to cover your cyber life-cycle that’s continuously updated by a world-class team of architects – CISOs, professors & practitioners.

$1.3 billion in losses from cybercrimes


Only 14% of SMBs are able to mitigate cyber risks & vulnerabilities

61% of SMBs market in the US experienced a cyberattack in the last year

Cyber Insurance Benefits