General Risk Management

Continually assess, mitigate, and report

By deploying a Risk Management solution that integrates your mission-critical risk management functions, you can simplify and streamline workflows across your organization. You'll be able to accurately assess risk by leveraging industry-standard libraries, track mitigation progress and procedures stored in centralized repositories, and generate reports to determine the effectiveness of your risk posture.


Quickly prioritize your risks, deploy resources to address critical problems, and improve actions to gain a competitive advantage with a Risk Management solution managed by Integrated Cyber. You'll get robust scenario engines coupled with comprehensive, conditional questionnaires to identify internal and external risks. Your personal dashboard reports feature “heat maps” and “traffic light indicators” to provide sophisticated data visualization of your risk hot spots.


Close your risk gaps today and open new opportunities tomorrow

Risk Management users can identify and close any gaps in their organization’s risk management capabilities and receive actionable insight for implementing improvements as required. The platform’s risk register is a powerful tool for monitoring threats and opportunities across the organization while driving awareness and accountability. Risk Management empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions in the evaluation and treatment of risks.

General Risk Management Benefits

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