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As an independent service provider who is focused on utilizing best-in-class software to solve your business needs, we are constantly scanning the market for what's new, what's working, and what's the best route to a safer and more secure tomorrow. 

Experts Panel

The Threat of Ransomware to UK Businesses (and beyond) and
How to Mitigate it

14 July - 11 am ET

We are delighted to invite you to this live panel, led by award-winning journalist, Oliver Pickup, and bringing together some of the world's most prominent ransomware experts to discuss:

The UK cybersecurity landscape in 2021
• The impact of the pandemic
• The rise in ransomware-as-a-service and “big-game hunting”
• The state of c-suite knowledge and general cyber hygiene

Should ransomware payments be criminalised?
• 78% of consumers think so – according to new Talion research
• The problems of paying ransoms
• Critical infrastructure issue and the role of authorities & government

What are the tools businesses need to combat ransomware?
• Prevention better than cure
• How transparency and collaboration can help everyone
• How to improve cybersecurity processes & cyber hygiene
• The future of cybersecurity – the impact of 5G and IoT

All organizations concerned about the threat of ransomware will benefit from joining this session and hearing from the distinguished panel of experts, see below for speaker profiles.

Demystifying Cyber Insurance

Listen to the recording of an interactive webinar that took place on 25 June with Integrated Cyber's Kevin Thomas, Pete Karolczak, who are joined by Kirsten Bay of Cysurance. 


In the webinar we talked about demystifying cyber insurance and specifically focused on the following areas:

  • We clarified its role and importance

  • Shared some horror stories

  • We (Kirsten) decrypted the jargon

  • And share examples of coverage options


If you listen to the 1-hour recording, you'll walk away with:

  • Knowing what to look for

  • Have knowledge of what you should be asking 

  • How to ensure you are properly insured

Gain the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your business, so you can sleep at night. 

Judge Writing

Managing Your Largest Cyber Risk - Your Employees

This educational webinar focused on what you can do to help minimize vulnerabilities and how you can turn the table and provide just-in-time cyber education to make your job easier and keep your organization safe.

Zoom Webinar Recording Available for your immediate Viewing

We're pretty sure that one of these issues hit your hot-button: 

  • Our employees continue to click on links they shouldn’t

  • You have cyber prevention tools in place, but still have to react due to inappropriate behavior by your users

  • You’d love to see reporting on who is making you the most vulnerable

  • You would love to automatically coach employees after they do something they shouldn’t 

  • You think your one 4-hour cyber training session isn’t doing enough to keep you protected all year

  • You want your employees are always doing the right thing regarding cyber security

  • You want to ensure your employees aren’t opening any malicious links or emails

  • Threats are continually entering your environment

  • You’d like an easy way of explaining to management how much malware, ransomware, and other threats are continually entering your environment