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Your Energy Sector

Cybersecurity Partner

We'll help you focus and protect the potential threats the industry faces


Your legacy generation systems can energy infrastructure was not designed with security in mind.

Disruption of service and ransomware attacks against your plants and generation equipment is on the rise. We can help address this through multiple services.


The lack of physical security allows easier access to grid control systems and opens you up to a cyber breach.

Your large-scale distribution of power through remotely disconnected services presents a security challenge that Integrated Cyber can address.


Your distributed power systems and limited security built into SCADA systems leave you more vulnerable.

We'll help protect your substations from a disruption that quickly leads to regional loss and customer service impacts.



With the advances that come with IoT devices, including smart meters and electric vehicles, your network is more vulnerable to attack.

The theft of customer data, fraud, and overall disruption of service are real and expected unless you are protected across your entire network.


Incident Detection & Response

The multitude of devices distributed throughout your facilities puts you at risk. With each device viewed as a potential entry point for a cyberattack, we'll monitor and quickly respond to any events to ensure your entire network and company stays safe.


Vulnerability Management

Do you know how vulnerable you are? This is tough when you're looking at remote facilities or areas that are tougher to access. It's time to ensure you're wrapping your arms around vulnerability, both across your manufacturing facilities and within your corporate offices.



Risk & Compliance

Most cyber companies like to focus on the carpet covered halls of corporate offices. We're different, we'll ensure your assessment and the management of the risk you have across your facilities is an important function in your total cybersecurity journey.

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