IC360 Employee Awareness

90-Days-Free Bundle
Employee Awareness & Coaching, 

Plus Dark Web Monitoring

Helps you move fast and affordably, with your employees in mind.

Get Control of Your
Work From Home Employees


90% of your cyber incidents start with unintentional employee mistakes,
especially when those employees are Working-from-Home.


70% of companies now have employees working from home. For many of them, this is a new experience and they are not as prepared as you’d like them to be.

Protect your business today and tomorrow with a bundle designed to meet your needs:

  • Scan the dark web for any previous exposure

  • Launch a focused cybersecurity awareness program for your remote employees & workers

  • Test their cyber awareness with a focused phishing simulation

  • Measure your remote population’s behaviors, providing specific insights about risks 

  • Automatically address at-risk employees with targeted, contextual coaching to help them learn

You get the following services:




Targeted Awareness Campaign

You’ll receive a tailored company-branded awareness campaign with a series of training and general awareness modules to help your remote employees understand their role in this new structure. 


Phishing Attack on Your Remote Workers

We will work with you to orchestrate a simulated attack on your employees or remote contractors which establishes a baseline of their level of awareness and risk.





You'll get a report from a search of the Dark Web for your company credentials. Take a deep breath… and hope that we don’t find anything. If we do, we’ll quickly help you protect your company.


Cyber Insurance

Small businesses can add protection for their business in the event of a cyber breach, ransom, or other IT issue that has the capability to easily shut your business down. There's no better time to fully protect yourself. 

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The first 90-days are free.

$5 per employee, per month thereafter

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