Employee Awareness, Analytics & Coaching

Creating a virtuous cycle focused on the humans in your organization

Your employees face a multitude of threats every day when they are using your infrastructure. While lots of companies only focus on what to do after you're 'hit' with an issue, we believe if you educate, monitor, and help your employees they will become a strong line of defense the next time you're attacked. 

Threats hitting your employees  

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Fixing Your Biggest Cyber Vulnerability - Your Employees

The Employee Awareness, Analytics & Coaching service, powered by SecurityAdvisor, will personalize and contextualize security awareness for every end-user in your company. The solution will watch user actions that result in most security incidents and provide preventative early warnings, contextual coaching, and compliance recommendations. 

We'll use an approach focused on your people's behavior

User Behavior Insights

Ingest data from existing security investments and identify “teachable moments” using our learning & analytics platform


Create list of risky users and why they are risky


Generate customized context-based messaging to users

Employee Coaching

Run phishing simulation across email, cloud apps, and other applications to measure, teach, reinforce, or  change behavior. 



Receive tracking of security outcomes, like number of users receiving spam, malware, etc. Reporting tracks your improved security
posture, compliance adhearance, and reduced security incidents.