Cyber Vulnerability Management

Identify and rectify your vulnerabilities in real-time

The solution enables you to consolidate disparate data sets and relationships to support intelligent and automated risk mitigation. You'll leverage an integrated risk platform to predict your breach susceptibility, utilizing automatic discovery and inventorying of your asset ecosystem plus 24x7 monitoring and scanning of managed and unmanaged IT devices.

Process data seamlessly through risk-based workflows powered by TruOps Risk-based Vulnerability Management. Assign tasks, send notifications and create escalation levels at the appropriate intervals. Avoid costly breaches by monitoring all attack vectors in real-time—identify and rectify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Recognize your high risks and prioritize your action items

create asset risk profiles and auto-initiate issues, tasks, and plans that are prioritized to address your organization’s highest vulnerabilities. In today’s cyber threat landscape, your transparent and nimble management risk is a key business imperative that can be achieved with Cyber Risk Management services. 

Cyber Vulnerability Management Benefits

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