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IC360 scales to handle larger companies and even the most complex global Enterprises - offering a fully integrated suite of advanced capabilities across IT and OT environments covering vulnerability and risk through real-time detection and remediation.  We also offer additional advanced capabilities including predictive threat intelligence and end-user behavioral analytics and coaching.

Large Enterprise Edition

Our IC360 for smaller businesses, schools and organizations shares many of the capabilities as our Enterprise edition but is scaled back to an affordable base offering, including real-time detection and remediation of cyber threats, cyber insurance scaled to protect your business and an innovative end-user coaching and training capability aimed at improving your employees' best cyber practices at the moment they inadvertently do something risky!

Small Business Edition


Our vulnerability assessment software monitors your networks and assets in real time, conducting an assessment in the three dimensions of TECHNOLOGY + PEOPLE + PROCESS to ensure complete coverage of all possible vulnerabilities and attack surfaces.


We provide full compliance reporting and recomendations for all the leading standards, such as ISO27001, NIST 800-53, C2M2, ICS-CERT, FFIEC, PCI etc.


Our event management and analytics software uses an agentless approach to collect the log files from all your assets.  Using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, we automatically sort through the noise to quickly and accurate identify real compromise attempts in real-time.


We also correlate these events with the leading threat intelligence feeds, to accurately identify the real positives from the many potential false positives. We can even detect impersonation attacks, and disillusioned insider behavior.

IC360™ Coverage

IC360 is orchestrated and automated by our advanced Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) software connected to leading-edge auto-containment and auto-remediation modules. The solution covers the entire framework of the internationally accepted ISO27001, NIST 800-53 and the Cyber Security Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) by incorporating the Cyber Standards and Stages of: Assess; Prevent; Detect; React; and Remedy.

Our Unique Architecture

IC360 is a hybrid of machine intelligence and human intelligence. It is a unique cyber security operating system which uses machine reasoning, machine learning, robotic process automation, and context fusion. It creates the most sophisticated cyber oversight capability available by providing 360-degree coverage of all threat aspects.

Our IC360 architecture is built for adaptability and change. It can ingest and parse disparate data sources of intelligence, threat, and remediation information. On the technology side, it can easily integrate with and, if required, replace software modules as the technologies mature. Unlike traditional solutions, our client will never be locked into a single software provider or architecture. 

The Cyber Systems Integrator

IC360 operating system uses four levels of AI to determine whether the machine will be allowed to intervene autonomously.

  • First, we apply a set of rules created for specific client circumstances.

  • Second, we use Machine Reasoning via a software system that generates conclusions from available knowledge using logical techniques such as deduction and induction (sometimes called fuzzy logic).

  • Third, we use Machine Learning to improve the reasoning based on an understanding of the outcome. Finally, we use Narrow Artificial Intelligence for learning and understanding performance based on trends over hours and days rather than seconds & minutes.

The machine will be allowed to automatically intervene if all these criteria are met. This results in an order-of-magnitude improvement in the rate of “false positives” compared to traditional approaches. When the criteria are not met, the case is passed for immediate human intervention; hence the Hybrid approach of human and machine. 

Overall this enables IC360 to handle most cases in milliseconds, and the remainder of cases within two minutes, with an error rate that is negligibly small. We use this approach for both Vulnerability Management (auto remediation) and Compromise Management (auto containment).