Compliance Management

Simplify and strengthen your compliance framework

A real compliance management solution puts compliance oversight at your fingertips. With access to a comprehensive standards library that is cross-mapped to hundreds of trusted sources, your organization will be empowered to stay abreast of industry standards and regulations, as well as ensure accountability across stakeholders.

Test once and comply with multiple standards, including SOX, PCI, DSS, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and more, with Compliance Management powered by TruOps. The solution integrates key cross-departmental tasks into a single user-friendly platform, which enables you to improve the accuracy of assessment data, track assessment findings to closure, and respond quickly to new regulatory changes.

Automate your assessments and elevate your compliance scores

Compliance Management automates manual assessment processes, from controls analysis to auditing, and provides greater visibility across your organization through feature-rich dashboards and reports. Based on initial responses to controls questions and evidence, the solutions will assign an overall compliance score to your organization–critical insight for optimizing compliance levels without increasing costs.

Compliance Management Benefits

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