Product Bundles & Offers

When you have business security needs and the plethora of cyber security products on the market have you confused, we're making it easier for businesses of all sizes to implement an integrated set of services. You can select a bundle designed to meet a specific need, pick individual services, or a combination of both, knowing that you'll have a solution that is integrated and managed through the IC360 Operating System. 

The "Work From Home" Security Bundle

Get control of your work from home employees with a package that includes 5 different services.



The Free

Dark Web


We're concerned about your cyber security and have a new tool that finds your credentials on the Dark Web, so we can help you avoid a potential breach, or more. 

Employee Awareness 

Awareness, Coaching, and Dark Web - with a free 90-day offer and low monthly per-person rates. 




Small Business Bundle

Taylored for small business, you get to choose the security pack that is right for you, from an Entry-level offering to Premium services.

Work From Home Bundle 

Free Dark Web Scan