Advanced Online Training Platform

Our Advanced Online Training Platform allows cyber teams from across enterprise, government, and academic institutions to automate and augment the cyber workforce by providing immersive, gamified cyber range learning environments that emulate company networks. Realistic scenarios engage teams in immersive, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios. 

Enterprise customers have access to:

  • Customized Missions

  • Natural Language Processings

  • User Performance Tracking

  • Real-World Tools for Real-World Threats

Government tools are focused on:

  • Work Role Training & Testing

  • Skills Monitoring & Management

  • Gamified, AI-powered Technology

  • Flexible Deployment

Academic organization focus on:

  • Comprehensive Cyber Curriculum

  • Battle School Environments

  • AI & Machine Learning Technology

  • Instructor Portal Views