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Cyber Professional Education 
- Advanced -

In addition to our world-class cyber software-enabled capabilities in vulnerability, risk and threat management, Integrated Cyber also offers an advanced cyber training portfolio. We focus on three primary audiences: the C-Suite, early-stage IT professionals, and advanced-stage IT professionals. 


For your senior IT staff who are looking to increase their cyber knowledge, in addition to additional advanced traditional training, we also offer human-facilitated online training that includes gamification, threat simulations and interactive training techniques to accelerate certification and hands-on experience.  This is for the professional wishing to rehearse, practice and keep their skills fully honed.


Training on your premises or in a previously arranged classroom. Our network of accredited teachers creates a high-touch learning experience. These programs are scalable and flexible based on the target audience or class size.

Online Training

Training may be delivered synchronously with human-assistance and multiple students online at the same time; or offered as individual self-paced online training.