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Stay Ahead of the Hackers with Preventative Cyber Services

Vulnerability assessments, pen-testing, remediation, cyber training, MDR, and managed services.

Reduce Your Workload and Increase Your Security with Managed Services from Integrated Cyber

When was the last time you did a vulnerability test?

Our vulnerability assessments and remediation services assist in determining if your company is secure. We'll identify and prioritize the risks while also eliminating them.

What are your employees clicking on today to put you at risk? 

Training is crucial to safeguard your business, as employees can unknowingly pose the biggest threat. Our approach emphasizes on educating employees to become part of the solution instead of adding to the problem.

Can you stay on top of the new threats and attack methods?

We offer a customizable MDR or XDR service for both small and large businesses. Our service covers four important stages: detecting, analyzing, responding, and if possible, remediation.

Integrated Cyber - Vulnerability Management Cybersecurity
Top 3 Reasons you should perform a
Vulnerability Scan
  1. To identify and prioritize your security risks

  2. To comply with regulations

  3. To reduce the risk of a data breach


Let's talk about how we can help you accomplish your goals. 

Integrated Cyber - Artificial Intelligence - AI
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry, and Integrated Cyber is incorporating AI technology across our applications to keep our customers safer than ever before.


Our cyber training is driven by Artificial intelligence (AI) and delivers a more robust and insightful education experience. AI is used to personalize security training for each employee based on their behavior patterns and learning style. 


AI helps us identify and classify vulnerabilities, prioritize them based on their potential impact, and suggest remediation strategies. Using machine learning (ML) algorithms, we can analyze large datasets of security-related information to identify patterns and anomalies.


With AI, we can detect and respond to threats in real time, minimizing the risk of a cyber attack. AI also enables us to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that human analysts may miss, allowing us to help you proactively address potential vulnerabilities. We are staying ahead of the curve and providing our customers with the highest level of protection possible. 

In a constantly evolving cyber landscape, it is essential to have a partner like Integrated Cyber utilizing cutting-edge AI to safeguard against threats.


Cyber Training

Keeping your organization safe with cyber training is the key to slowing down the success of cyber attackers and staying in front of your employees, making them part of the solution.

Employees Are Your Biggest Risk

88% of cyber attacks start with employee behavior.

Train, Test & Measure - Every Month

The best way to engage your employees is with small bites. 

Analyze &

Training is one thing. Analyzing and adapting is vital.

Integrated Cyber Circle of Focus Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Circle of Focus

There are a lot of aspects to protecting your business. Integrated Cyber is focused on what we believe are the three most important aspects:

  1. Orange: Vulnerability Management

  2. Dark Blue: MDR/XDR.

  3. Blue: Cyber Training & Awareness

The Musings of Cybersecurity

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