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Integrated Cyber Proactively Reducing Cyber Risk

Protection Without Complexity

Cybersecurity That's  Understandable & Actionable

Cyber doesn't have to be as complicated as the industry wants it to be. We are passionate about making cyber understandable and actionable so you can get in front of it and stay in front it. 


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Cyber Expertise to Protect Your Business

Our vision is to reduce your workload and make you safer by proactively delivering the best vulnerability, training, and MDR services.  

Assessments & Remediation

From one-time assessments and pen tests to full vulnerability management and remediation services. 

Training &

A full managed service spanning training, phishing tests, and improvement analytics.

Managed Detection & Response

A complete MDR or XDR service tailored for small business or a large enterprise. 

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Let's find the weaknesses in your systems

Getting ahead of risk, while knowing and prioritizing vulnerabilities is Integrated Cyber focus and commitment. We'll help make sense of vulnerability assessments, and more importantly, remediation. 

Keep your organization safe with cyber training

The key to slowing down the success of cyber attackers staying in front of your employees and making them part of the solution. 

Employees Are Your Biggest Risk.

88% of cyber attacks start with employee behavior.

Time to Train, Test, Measure - Every Month.

The best way to engage your employees  is with small bites - every month. 

It's Important to Analyze & 

Training is one thing. Analyzing and adapting is what we do best. 


Our Circle
of Focus

There are a lot of aspects to protecting your business. Integrated Cyber is focused on what we believe are the three most important aspects:

  1. Orange: Vulnerability Management

  2. Dark Blue: MDR/XDR.

  3. Blue: Cyber Training & Awareness

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