Integrated Cyber Proactively Reducing Cyber Risk

Integrated Cyber

Proactively Reduce Your Cyber Risk 

Your employees unintentionally represent the greatest vulnerability to your company. We proactively focus on the human side of cyber with the goal of making employees part of the solution not the problem.  

Managed Cybersecurity Services

In addition to educating and testing your employees, you still need to properly protect your infrastructure. However, even with the best software, you will be compromised at some point. This is why we have a full suite of cybersecurity services to help you through your cybersecurity journey, ensuring you do everything to keep your employees and your business safe.


A managed SIEM, SOC, or SOAR to meet your individual needs. 

Employee Awareness & Engagement Training

88% of cyber breaches are caused by human action. Let's put the programs in place to build a human firewall. 


Managed endpoint and network protection are necessary minimum investments all companies should have deployed.  

Detect & Respond

No matter what you do to prevent cyber events, you need a reactive response to threats once they hit your network. 

Endpoint Protection

Keep remote laptops secure, despite the financial and situational challenges impacting your business.

Integrated Cyber Solutions
Next-Gen Cyber Awareness & Engagement Training

Building, managing, and optimizing a human firewall is key to slowing down cyber attackers, most often 'let' into the company by unsuspecting employees.

Cybersecurity Begins
With Your Employees.

Constant Awareness is Key.

88% of cyber attacks start with employee behavior. A cybersecurity awareness & training program will continually work with them every month by providing bite-sized content to ensure cybersecurity is top of mind and understandable.  

Train. Test.
Measure. Repeat. 

Curated For You. 


We'll curate the execution of training, awareness, and phishing campaigns. We can leverage your existing software or one of our partner's platforms. We'll constantly measure changes in cyber threats across and target awareness accordingly. 

Report. Analyze.


Each month we'll review your employee behavior, analyze campaign results, and implement strategies to improve your employee's cyber behavior. Results will be gained through a monthly cadence of campaigns and analysis.   

Integrated Cyber - Vulnerability Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments

We replace multiple tools and methods with a single Vulnerability Assessment that continuously identifies, classifies, and prioritizes vulnerabilities while offering detailed remediation advice in simple manageable explanations