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The most advanced, affordable and comprehensive cyber security solution available anywhere in the world today, outside of the military organizations.
With our 360 view, we see things that you don't.
IC360 for all sizes of business
Our unique value proposition

We detect and help you manage your cyber risks and vulnerabilities

We detect, auto-contain or auto-remediate most cyber incidents

When required, human intervention occurs within minutes of any attack

And we intervene with experts within 10-minutes to manage complex issues

SaaS Delivery so you don't have to worry about the setup or operations

Fully integrated suite of world-class cyber capabilities 

Leverages AI for machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interventions

Globally distributed Incident Response Team of world-class experts at your disposal

The ICS Competitive Advantage
Our Products are superior to our competitors because we integrate the best-in-class modules from third parties, and our SaaS architecture allows us to replace any module with a new and better product, thereby remaining at the leading edge.